"If you are a security professional charged with protecting a network infrastructure that includes VoIP, you definitely must read this book! Failure to do so will seriously put your VoIP systems - and your network - at risk!”
--Dan York, Producer and Co-Host, Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast

"The secret's out! Here is the zen and the art of hacking VoIP and making it secure. David and Mark write with a delightful enthusiasm that sustains this inside story on what it will take to make safe internet telephony. Rich with concrete examples using open tools, many created by the authors, it's a must read for everybody in modern communications engineering and management. It's also a fabulous book for any inquiring mind and the top of my recommendations this year."
--Jonathan Zar, Managing Director Pingalo, Secretary & Outreach Chair, The VOIP Security Alliance

“Hacking Exposed VoIP takes you on a methodical journey on how to launch a VoIP attck, from blueprinting to launching, all from a hackers perspective. This provides great insight giving you the opportunity to test your network the way a hacker thinks. An absolute must read before architecting or deploying a VoIP network.”
--Brian Tolly, Service Delivery Manager, Spirent Communications - Global Services

“The VoIP enabled phone conversations and conference calls you are participating in today are not as secure as you may think. This book illuminates what remote users can probe, sniff and modify with your phones, phone switches and networks that offer VoIP services. Most importantly, the authors offer solutions to mitigate the risk of deploying VoIP technologies.”
--Ron Gula, CTO of Tenable Network Security which produces the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

"The authors do an excellent job of explaining possible security risks when companies move to VoIP. Of equal importance, the book describes countermeasures that can be deployed so that the potential of VoIP can be realized in a secure manner."
--Gustavo de los Reyes, Technical Consultant, AT&T